General Policy Statement

We are a media-content creation, distribution and marketing organization. Our network is home to 35 individual show hosts, nationwide. We provide our programming as an alternative to other media sources. Our network programming launches from 17 unique media domains and through 80 syndication partners. We do NOT have an account with, nor do we utilize the services of, YouTube. It is our policy to furnish program content which is informative, entertaining, compelling, and at times even provocative. At times a podcast may be fiction or based on the individual host’s opinion. A named host may be a character actor or a real life individual. We strive to produce programs which, in our own view, meet a basic threshold of decency and acceptability. Any podcast program containing adult content will be identified as such. To leave an episode-relevant show Comment, the requested information must be properly completed. All other comments should be emailed to our studio operations center at the address provided here on our website.

The views expressed by any of our hosts, guests, listeners, programming providers, sponsors, or advertisers, are not necessarily those of network or its management or owners. Each individual show host may have their own Facebook page or Twitter account. The Facebook and Twitter links appearing on our main page are primarily utilized for distribution of active national show links.

Information appearing on our website or contained in any of our audio programs should never be considered professional advice. If a listener is seeking professional advice of any type, it is suggested they consult with their own trusted professional adviser — including, but not limited to, their physician, lawyer, accountant, investment adviser, family member, or personal counselor. warrants no particular degree of accuracy or completeness for any of the programming or visual content posted on our website.

Our programs are produced and distributed for your personal use and enjoyment only. We do require attribution in connection with use of our program feeds and links. The actual show MEDIA FILES for our podcasts may not be re-podcast, broadcast, recorded, modified, edited, transcribed, language interpreted, reformatted, resampled, posted on a website, included in a blog or social-media post, or copied or used for any pecuniary or non-monetary¬†gain, without the prior written permission of Fly Paper Productions. LINKS to or specific shows or episodes, may be used on websites and social-media platforms provided such usage is in accordance with our published policy. If you require a specific show link for your website or social media page, please ask and we will furnish one to you, accompanied by a copy of our use policy¬†— it’s free.

Please, enjoy our shows!

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